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Can the property management industry learn from Amazon Fresh?

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This week Amazon Fresh opened their first till-less grocery store in London. It is the opening shot in their battle to become the UK’s most popular grocer. But what lessons can be learned by those of us who look after holiday homes in France?

What trends can holiday home owners expect to see?

Visitors to Amazon Fresh scan a smartphone app when entering the store, then they are automatically billed for their purchases when they leave. They literally fill up their shopping bag and there is no need to scan items.

Other supermarkets have their R&D teams looking at similar options but Amazon have stolen a march and offer a frictionless shopping experience. Their second store opens this month and they are actively looking for other sites.

But how does this affect the way that companies like Leggett Property Management look after your holiday home?

Well, imagine being able to get and accept quotes, see the work being carried out (in real time if you like) and pay for the work immediately you are satisfied. All in a foreign currency with immediate, hassle free, money transfer.

How about the ability to calculate the running costs of your property via a bespoke app, then being able to get comparison quotes for electricity/internet access/insurance etc and switch provider at the touch of a button?

We all know that camera doorbells and other home security devices are prevalent but how about controlling your locks, lighting and heating remotely.

Even your garden in France will see a fusion of technology and tradition. Watering devices can monitor weather reports to see when your lawn needs watering and there are currently adverts on prime time TV showing how robots can mow the lawn as well as clean your pool.

Android helpmates are already being used in hotels where they deliver extra towels and room service – perhaps a bit much for a holiday home but what about offering guests a unique sleeping experience with a white noise filter and a smart mattress that monitors sleeping patterns, including breathing and heart rates. You can even get wifi blocking curtains to make sure that teenage guests get their beauty sleep (while falling out with their parents no doubt).

Most of these things are available now. You can be sure that the Leggett Property Management team will continue to seek a “frictionless” service for our clients and will be at the forefront of these innovations. Watch this space.

If you have views on this we’d love to hear them!