Initially, it might seem a daunting process when letting your property abroad; however it can be highly rewarding and potentially profitable. It’s a fantastic way of generating additional income and can help it pay its own way

At Leggett Property Management we believe that letting your holiday property should be simple, stress free and successful. To help you get started we’ve outlined some FAQ’s that we hope will help you understand how Turquoise can help you get the best out of your property rental.

Check-up & Key-Holding – Private Concierge services

Making sure that your house is checked on, post is collected and the garden is tidy keeps it secure as well as giving you peace of mind. Some absentee owners put their faith in neighbours but can regret it if something goes wrong. It is possible that your house insurance could be invalidated or that important checks are overlooked – particularly in winter. We understand that your holiday home is one of your most important assets and it should be looked after with care.

What does a “check up” entail?
We will agree the frequency and scope of our inspections with you from the outset. They will include full internal inspection, checking pipes, radiators, smoke alarms and all appliances. We will check that doors and windows are secure. Externally we will look at the roof and check for leaks or gutter overflow.

Your local property manager will agree the scope of the work with you and will brief a trusted local artisan. We will undertake any necessary translations and send you photos or video once the work is completed. We will quote you, in advance, for our time arranging the quotes.

Your contract will be with the artisan and you will pay them direct.

Of course – our local property managers help clients with all kinds of services. From translation and administrative help to going shopping for them and arranging furniture delivery. We are your eyes, ears and local “go to” person.

Yes absolutely – give us advance warning and we will make sure the lawn is cut and the pool is sparkling. We can organise welcome packs, airport pick up or simply advise on the best local restaurants.

Absolutely. Leggett has built up its name over two decades and only work with reliable and trustworthy agents, many of whom have been with the company from the start.

Holiday Rental Management

Yes, we will use a mixture of local expertise and data analytics to estimate the income potential. Using our database of similar local properties, we will use this comparable evidence to help you set the optimum pricing structure for each season.

As soon as we have gathered all the information about your property and we have the final photos in our possession, we can set up your ad and start taking reservations within 72 hours (subject to the reactivity of the platform(s) used).

Unless you tell us not to, we will publish your ad on the most popular platforms: Airbnb, Homeaway (and group platforms), Booking.com (and group platforms), Expedia (and group platforms). We can also publish them on alternative sites at your request (to be confirmed together).

Yes absolutely, we can help set this up and teach you how it works.

Of course – take out the “Plus” package and we will greet guests seven days a week and prepare welcome packs that will make their stay memorable from the start.

Absolutely – this is all part of the “Plus” package and you can be sure that this is all done promptly and professionally.

When your house is for sale and you (or your estate agent) find a potential buyer, you must let them know this detail. In most cases the buyer will accept this, without a problem. The fact that you already have a seasonal rental business in place can even become an advantageous selling point for some buyers, who will be planning on rentals to make their investment profitable. The main concern would be that the new buyer plans to make too many changes to the property, that could create problems for guests arriving to a different looking property to the one they have booked. In such cases, we can help liaise with the new owners and their guests.

You still have something to ask about our services?  Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, we are more than happy to answer them.