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Virtual reality home sells for 500,000 dollars!

Yes, you read that correctly. A “digital” house has just sold for 500,000 dollars, or in French money around 420,000 euros.

Created by Toronto artist Krista Kim the property is called “Mars House” and actually sold for 288 Ether, which is a crypto currency.

The article in The Guardian newspaper doesn’t say who the buyer is, or where they are from, but does say “The new owner of the 3D digital file will be able to explore the open-plan mansion’s rooms using virtual reality (a digital world) or, in future, augmented reality (where digital elements added to a view of the real world). SuperRare, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), said it was the “first NFT digital house in the world”.

We delved into the listings of our sister company, Leggett Immobilier, to see what the owner could have bought in France for roughly the same price. The answer is “a lot”!

From country houses to apartments in the Alps or on the Cote d’Azur we can think of plenty of ways to invest half a million dollars without leaving the “actual” world. Having said that, artists and architects are only scratching the surface of Virtual Reality and we’re sure that future generations will look back on “Mars House” as a trailblazer.

Meanwhile take a look at the pics below to see just a couple of French properties that are available and would make terrific holiday homes in the here and now!

House in the Somme, 455,800 euros
Details at https://www.leggettprestige.com/luxury-property-for-sale/view/80643TS80/house-maison-ponthieu-somme

holiday home in the somme

Apartment in Evian, 401,000 euros
Details at https://www.frenchestateagents.com/french-property-for-sale/view/131592NJO74B/apartment-for-sale-in-%C3%89vian-les-bains-haute-savoie-french-alps-france

holiday home in evian