French holiday home

Keeping your French holiday home well maintained


The Leggett Property Management team has prepared this Spring maintenance checklist so that you can nip any potential problems in the bud (see what we did there!). If there are items we have missed then we would love to hear from you.


  • test all smoke alarms and carbon dioxide monitors
  • check that your fire extinguisher is still in working order
  • make sure the property is still fully secure and door locks are working smoothly
  • check all wooden windows, doorframes and door edges for rot and ageing. This will prevent rain and cold air getting into the property. Make sure any water drains away from the house and doesn’t collect on the window sill
  • touch up any paintwork (doors, windowframes, garden shed)


  • clean and reseal all worktops
  • check the cutlery draw, do you still have full sets and is it fit for purpose?
  • check your pantry/larder, clean the shelves, dispose of out of date food
  • clear out the fridge, check the settings and defrost the freezer
  • check the drainage from your sink
  • have your boiler serviced by a professional
  • the same for all major gas and electrical appliances


  • check the grouting and reseal where necessary
  • look closely for damp and mould
  • run the taps and ensure drains are working efficiently
  • if you are renting the house then think about replacing old towels and washcloths

Your home is one of your biggest financial assets so it pays to keep it well maintained throughout the year.


  • check the grouting and reseal where necessaryare your beds and mattresses in good condition? If so, turn the mattress
  • are sheets and linen still crisp and new, will guests remark on their comfort
  • are any lightbulbs out?
  • bleed the radiators and check they are all working
holiday home_france
holiday home in France

Living rooms

  • check the lightbulbs and replace any that are out
  • bleed the radiators
  • arrange for the chimney to be swept (this is obligatory in France)
  • check all window seals for rot or drafts
  • is all the furniture still fit for purpose?
  • steam clean your carpets and upholstery


  • check for rodents, signs of moisture and burst pipes
  • look for signs of other pest infection, particularly hornets/wasp nests
  • is the insulation still uniform and comprehensive, any gaps?


  • have your pool opened and services, ensure the pump is working properly
  • clean the BBQ, is it still fit for purpose and are any utensils missing?
  • empty your fosse septique and ensure it is fully working
  • tidy up the garden, plant for the forthcoming months
  • service your lawnmower and gardening equipment
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