Interested in renting your house out for short-term lets?

Leggett PM is launching a new service to help clients reduce their tax bill and increase their rental income. To benefit from greater visibility and increased profits, we will help get your property officially “classified”.

What is a Meublé de Tourisme?

A “Meublé de Tourisme” is a furnished house or apartment, for the exclusive use of the tenant, offered to visitors for a short-term stay (daily, weekly or monthly, maximum 90 days) and who do not elect to be domiciled there (Code du Tourisme – Art D324-1). Classified Meublés de Tourisme are divided into one of five categories, shown by the number of stars, from 1 to 5 (Code du Tourisme-Art D324-2).

Reduce your tax bill and increase your rental income

Why classify your holiday home?

1. Tax advantages

Classification as a “Meublé de Tourisme” offers a number of significant tax advantages. The main one being (generaly) a flat-rate deduction of 71% on rental income under the micro-business regime (article 50-0 of the CGI). In other words, you are only taxed on the remaining 29%. Note that since January 1, 2016, the 71% deduction is only available for classified “Meublé de Tourisme”.

2. Higher profits

Classification as a “Meublé de Tourisme” means that customers benefit from a more advantageous way of calculating tourist tax. The actual tourist tax is applied to classified “Meublé de Tourisme”, whereas it is proportional to the rents charged for non-classified “Meublé de Tourisme”.

3. Competitive advantage

Classification is a voluntary process that qualifies your accommodation. It is not compulsory to rent, but it is strongly recommended. A classified meublé de tourisme is a guarantee of a high-quality vacation accommodation, and therefore generates more rentals.

Leggett Property Management can take care of everything you need to classify your meublé de tourisme:

  • Verification of your property’s eligibility & subsequent property preparation
  • Audit in partnership with an accredited inspection body: no need to be on site, we’ll take care of the appointments and all the administration
  • Transmission of visit certificate, inspection report and classification decision
  • Dispatch of official classification certificate

We’ll do our utmost to ensure that you receive the best possible classification.
The cost of this service varies according to the size of your property (from €299 inc. VAT to €439 inc. VAT).

Please note: this expense should easily covered by the tax allowance from the first year, as well as by the increase in rental income. This classification is valid for 5 years. Service available from February 1st 2024.

For further information, please contact our customer service:
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