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Guide your guests to your front door


Whether you live in deepest rural France, or in the heart of Paris, it’s not always easy for guests to find the right access to your property. Sometimes a holiday home in the country might just have a postcode or lieu-dit, whilst in urban areas there might be multiple entrances to an apartment block. Giving out GPS coordinates isn’t the most user friendly way, so many home owners end up hand drawing a plan and emailing it to guests. Well, now there is an easy solution, free of charge, that works even in the most remote parts of the country.

What3Words app

It is called “what 3 words” and is delightfully simple to use. The designers have broken a map of the world into millions of 3m2 plots – they then assigned a unique three word code to each plot. This means that you can literally guide your guests to within inches of your front door, your designated parking spot or wherever you want them to go. Simply download the what3words app to find your keywords and then use them in your marketing and client correspondence. Guests will need to download the app, enter the three words et voila!


How does it work?

To give an example “hours.pure.hoping” would lead you to the PM’s office in 10 Downing Street. Similarly placer.gushed.taxpayer leads you to the client parking spot at the Leggett Property Management offices. This is just one of the “tips” that we like to give clients. If you would like a free Rental Income Study for your holiday home in France then click here.

If you are looking for a user friendly way to promote your French holiday home to guests, then we reckon that this is a winner!

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