Holiday rental management in the Landes

Do you own a holiday home in Mont-de-Marsan or the surrounding areas and wish to rent it out for short stays? We can help you get a return on your investment and pay for maintenance costs!

Market in Mont-de-Marsan

Areas Covered

  • Mont-de-Marsan
  • Tartas
  • Eugénie-les-Bains
  • Roquefort
  • Grenade-sur-l’Adour

I cover many other towns around Mont-de-Marsan. Contact me!

Services Offered

  • Key Holding
  • Conciergerie
  • Rental Management
  • Changeovers
  • Meet & Greet

+ all the services that will make your life easier

Charles Desmecht

Originally from Belgium, Charles lived in the United States for a few years before moving to the South West of France 15 years ago.

After a few years spent in the Dordogne, Charles settled in Mont-de-Marsan. He is particularly fond of this town located between the ocean and the Pyrenees. It’s a magnificent environment that allows you to vary your pleasures!

Charles has mainly worked in commerce and the hotel industry. Contact is essential for him and he makes it a point of honour to offer the best quality of service.

Through the renovation of his former property, Charles has had the opportunity to work with many craftsmen in his area.

Between his professional background and his personal experiences, becoming a Property Manager was an obvious choice for Charles!

“It’s very important that my clients know they can rely on me.”

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