Holiday rental management in Dordogne

Do you own a holiday home in Eygurande-et-Gardedeuil or the surrounding areas and wish to rent it out for short stays?
We can help you get a return on your investment and pay for maintenance costs!


Areas Covered

  • Villefranche-de-Lonchat
  • St-Laurent-des-Hommes
  • St-Aulaye
  • St-Barthélémy-de-Bellegarde
  • St-Aigulin

We cover many other towns. Contact us.

Services Offered

  • Key Holding
  • Conciergerie
  • Rental Management
  • Changeovers
  • Meet & Greet

+ all the services that will make your life easier

Sara & Alfie Garcia

Sara has over 10 years experience in property management. Alfie has studied luxury hotel management and has 4 years experience working in Luxury hotels in St Tropez, Bordeaux and the French Alps.

Sara (the mother) and Alfie (the son) left London 18 years ago to settle in the South West.
Today they live in Eygurande-et-Gardedeuil, in the Dordogne. In love with the region, they offer you all the good plans for unforgettable stays.

They are Property Managers & Property sales agents for Leggett International. They work together as a team and offer a 5 star service to their clients.

“Our complicity and our experience allow us to offer you a 5 star service!”

Sara & Alfie Garcia
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