Our Property Managers
Aurélia Avon & Amélie Grau

If you own property in, or around, Saint-Brieuc then we would love to look after it, and be your friendly eyes, ears and feet on the ground.

Areas Covered

  • Ploufragan
  • Plerneuf
  • St Brieuc
  • Plerin
  • Trémuson

We cover the area within 20km’s of Trémuson including Plouvara, Pordic, Plelo and Saint Hervé.

Services Offered

  • Key Holding
  • Conciergerie
  • Rental Management
  • Changeovers
  • Meet & Greet

+ many other things that make your life easier.

Aurélia Avon & Amélie Grau

Aurélia and Amélie are two of our property managers in Saint-Brieuc, in the Côtes d’Armor. This region offers gorgeous scenery and stunning views of the sea, as well as the famous pink granite coastline. In one word, Aurélia and Amélie describe their region as “authentic”.

These two sisters are originally from the South of France, but after having travelled around Brittany they fell in love with the Briochine area and have been there ever since. They live and work together and bring their signature family spirit to all of their projects, which is best reflected in their dedication, their attentiveness and their initiative.

Your holiday home should be a place of joy and relaxation, and Aurélia and Amélie will make sure that it stays that way, even when it’s out of reach. They’ll keep the lawn mowed, send you detailed reports, manage maintenance and rentals. Their role is to make your life easier. Their experience, know-how and characteristic kindness make Aurélia and Amélie the ideal property managers to care for your second home.

Your holiday home should be a place of relaxation and joy – you can trust us to make sure it always is!

Aurélia and Amélie
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